Nancy Henson

Nancy Henson

Hastings, MI

I have been a patient of Dr Ryan’s for nearly 2 years. He is always ready to really listen and give me ideas of things to try. He is always researching and learning. I’m not a fan of prescription drugs and I appreciate that he is open to homeopathic remedies. I’m so excited for his new practice!

Kim Smith

Middleville, MI

Dr. Ryan has been very helpful with issues related to my Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and Thyroid.  He is constantly learning new information about better ways to help his patients, attending seminars, workshops, and classes…he has a wealth of information to draw from!  I really appreciate that it’s not all about prescription drugs with Dr. Ryan, too; I’d much rather deal with health issues naturally!

Matt Emmorey

Matt Emmory

Austin, TX

Nothing but the best from Ryan! I highly recommend!