Testosterone Deficiency: An Autoimmune Etiology?

Auto- means self and immune is the system that grants you protection against outside invaders. If the body is in a state of autoimmunity then that means the body’s immune system has gone off the deep end and started attacking the body’s own self by creating antibodies against itself. These antibodies go on a rampage attacking the type of tissue … Read More

Aromatase: It Turns your Testosterone To Estrogen!

Anyone who wants more testosterone also wants less estrogen. The symptoms of estrogen being too high in men match up to the symptoms of lower testosterone. In addition, a man may have increased emotional lability in addition to the inability to build muscle and burn fat. When I say emotional lability, just imagine a grown man crying at The Fox … Read More

Low Testosterone: Stress Destroys Test!

We do not want to just give someone testosterone while the thing causing their testosterone is still there. We have already learned that doing that can cause the patient to become resistant to testosterone. This is because their receptors are becoming resistant to the presence of large amounts of the hormone from the injections or suppositories. (Suppositories work but if … Read More

Giving Testosterone: Aiming Short of the Cause

If you are having low testosterone as a man, you are probably extremely frustrated. Any person would be. It not only feels horrible to have lower testosterone, but it also is extremely unhealthy. Many people think that a man with low testosterone, or T as it can sometimes be called, can have lower energy, lower sexual drive, and softer erections.  … Read More