The Book


Please download the Intake Packet below, follow the included instructions to fill out and return the forms.  Once Dr. Ryan has reviewed your information and is confident that he can help you, our office will contact you regarding an appointment time.

Why does Dr. Ball need the intake packet before scheduling?  Dr. Ball requires the intake packet before we schedule for a couple of different reasons.

  1. The first reason is so that you don’t come in if we cannot help you. It would be unfair for us to have you come in and take your time if we couldn’t help you. Dr. Ball reviews your paperwork before you come in so that we know if you have a condition that our office can help with; we never want to waste anyone’s time.
  2. The second reason is to see how much time you will need for your appointment. As an example, performing an examination on someone who does not understand verbal phrases takes a lot more time than having a simple consultation with someone who wants to have their cholesterol looked at because it’s a little high.

You can download the Intake Packet here.

By filling out these forms, you acknowledge that submitting your electronic information online is the equivalent of your personal signature.