Prosper Health Clinics is a holistic healthcare and functional medicine clinic aimed at finding the cause of peoples’ problems in the West Michigan area.
Holistic healthcare is healthcare centers around the premise that one system in the body can affect several other systems in the body and all of these systems work in concert. For example, good flora in the gut can produce serotonin affecting behavior and mental well-being. Functional medicine is a new branch of healthcare that refers to finding the cause of the person’s problem and then fixing the cause. It utilizes new age laboratory testing of the blood, saliva, hair, stool, and urine to test for nutrients, immune reactions, toxins, hormones, and other processes and then uses natural compounds to fix the problems with the systems. In this way, the person will be able to stop treatment once the system is rehabilitated and be able to live like they did before the disease without continuing any treatment.
At Prosper Health Clinics, you are going to get Dr. Ball. You aren’t going to get an associate. You aren’t going to get an assistant. You aren’t going to get a helper. Dr. Ball does everything. Once someone is a functional medicine patient, they have access to Dr. Ball’s personal email so that they can ask questions as they go. At many functional medicine clinics or even normal doctors’ offices, you get a nurse first to take your information. Then you get another person doing your exam. Then another does your recommendations. Then another teaching you about lifestyle. You honestly might never see the head doctor. At Prosper, you get Dr. Ball. You get the head doctor from start to end and in between.
Dr. Ball actually needed functional medicine care himself. He was practicing solely chiropractic and met with a functional medicine practitioner for help. He didn’t get what he thought he would after looking into functional medicine. So he went to two more and still didn’t get what he thought functional medicine was. That’s when he decided to enroll in the most credentialed functional medicine program there is. It is the only program that is credentialed by a United States medical school. He learned how to treat himself and For more information, check out Dr. Ball’s bio.
The first visit is 300 dollars. This covers the time that Dr. Ball takes to go over your paperwork. It covers the time with Dr. Ball as he goes over what he thinks is going on and the options for testing and lifestyle changes. It covers examination if necessary. Once we decide what testing we will do based on your case, it covers email help as we walk through the testing process. Once testing is finished, it covers the next visit to go over testing and what to do next. Typically follow-ups happen at one-month intervals and cost 150 dollars.
Testing requirements are different for everyone. When it comes to testing, Prosper Health is your advocate. We only order the testing that would be absolutely necessary for your case. When we do order testing, we have you go directly through the lab or diagnostics company to save you money. Prosper Health Clinics never profits from any testing. This ensures that you get the testing you need and ONLY the testing you need.
Prosper Health Clinics does not take insurance. However, many insurance providers allow testing to be ordered by a provider out of network. If this is the case, then blood testing and possibly other testing can be covered by insurance. Our services can be paid for with cash, check, or debit/credit card and payment is expected at the time and date of service.
The goal is that you will not have to continue any additional treatment once the system is rehabilitated. That is the real proof that you FIXED the problem. If you have to stay on a natural remedy forever then you really haven’t been fixed. The same thing applies to if you’re taking a drug forever or if you continuously have to get the same surgery.
30 days is the typical amount of time to start seeing results. Certainly, a cut on the arm doesn’t heal overnight. The same thing applies to the tissue inside of you. Healing always takes time and nothing heals instantaneously. However, some people and practitioners think that nutrition and lifestyle might take longer than that. It will not take 9 months to tell if what I’m doing is working. If you’re not feeling much better in 30 days then we will try something else. Einstein said the definition of madness was to continuously try the same thing and expect a different result.
Expect to have diet changes implemented temporarily. Just like the supplements, Dr. Ball wants to rehab the system so that you can go back to eating as many foods that you were eating as possible. That being said, it is impossible for most people to get better without diet changes.
If a person who is a functional medicine patient needs chiropractic care as part of their care then they get it. If someone only wants chiropractic then we can do this. The biggest thing about chiropractic is to understand that at some point you should be fixed. At some point, you should stop needing adjustments to get better. Prosper Health Clinics uses upper cervical chiropractic, brain-based adustments, therapeutic exercise, and manual adjusting to treat the spine and the nervous system. The examination visits cost 250 dollars. It can take 2-4 days to establish a thermographic pattern of your spine so do not expect to get adjusted on the first day. Adjusting you on the first day without the full analysis would only prolong your stay under care and slow down your results in the long run. The follow-up visits to get checked cost 70 dollars.
Upper Cervical chiropractic is the focus in chiropractic aimed at correcting the top of the neck as specifically, gently, and permanently as possible. Some people in the profession have called it the brainstem technique because of its great results with cranial nerve syndromes like Bell’s palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, Meniere’s disease, and spasmodic torticollis. The brain always wants to have the eyes level with the ground. If there is a head tilt the brain will sacrifice integrity in the middle back and the lower back, and drop a shoulder or hip in order to maintain this levelness. If a person constantly needs lower back or middle back adjustments, then this isn’t the cause. When you perfectly take care of the cause within the spine then the need for more and more adjustments goes away. At this point, the health of the spine can be maintained by exercises. And you get to stop needing to come see me.