Prosper Health Clinics Thoughts

At Prosper Health Clinics, we follow an easy 4 step process:

  1. Find the cause.
  2. Treat the cause.
  3. Take the therapy away.
  4. Leave it alone!

1. Find the cause
The first thing that we do at Prosper is to find the cause. We use advanced, functional testing to try to find which systems of the body are acting inappropriately so that we can discover the source of the inflammation and breakdown. Maybe it’s the adrenals. Maybe it’s the gut. Maybe it’s the immune system reacting to something that is coming in like a virus, toxin, or food allergy. Whatever it is, we can analyze the nervous system, blood, hair, saliva, urine, and others to dig in and find the root cause.

2. Treat the Cause
The first thing to do after we find the cause is to determine if it is something that we can help. If not, we will immediately refer you out to the best person that we know. If we can help, then we will begin treatment to take care of the cause. It will NOT take forever to know if this is working. Depending on what is going on, the doctor will be able to tell you how long it should take to notice a difference. If you are not getting better, then we need to take the next step. It’s possible there is a second cause that was less likely when we looked at the testing. It is possible that we need to do another test that was much less likely to be needed. But, the thing that we will NEVER do is keep trying the same thing that isn’t working and hasn’t worked in the past.

*NOTICE*  People who have chronically activated immune systems, such as autoimmune disease, many times have increased intestinal permeability or IgG food reactions. Also, if the brain is chronically inflamed these things can be happening as well. The reason we tell you this now is because if you have these problems happening then TEMPORARY diet changes are almost guaranteed to be necessary, including becoming gluten and dairy free. Keep in mind, these changes are not forever. We never want to waste your time, so if you cannot change your diet for a certain period of time (different for everyone) then Prosper Health Clinics isn’t the right place for you. We just want to be upfront about this because we don’t want anyone to be surprised when they come into the office. We want you to be aware of how we do things.

3. Take away therapies
Once you’re feeling as good as you want to feel and you’re stable, then we have to start seeing if we actually FIXED THE CAUSE. We will start taking away different parts of the therapy. We should be able to take you off of parts of the treatment without the problem coming back. At the same time, if you have had diet changes made then we can start trying to reintroduce foods slowly, getting you closer to the diet you knew and loved. If we can give you back foods that you used to eat without the problem coming back, then we truly did fix the cause.

4. Leave it alone
Once you are off of all therapies or on as few therapies as possible, and you are eating all the foods you used to eat or as many as you can tolerate, then you are done. It is as simple as that. If you are back to the life you had before or as close as possible then we have done our job. Honestly, if someone has to keep treating you forever then they didn’t really take care of the cause, did they? As much as we love our patients, we hope to never see a patient again after they’re better because that means that they STAYED better. rolex put your amazing allure and chic type are placed out there.if you plan buying a high quality vape stores you need to know detailed aspects written down by watch professionals like james.very cheap are crafted with top-level shipping on all richard mille replica usa inside the assemblage and also blend method, each associated link is replica tag heuer watches for sale under $59 is first-rate skill-sets and exquisite combination of remarkable natural elegance.2017 new best swiss for sale.